2009.05.25 Besthöven interview

I have made an interview with the brazilian band Besthöven. What you can read here is just extracted from the whole interview that I will publish in my paper zine. So, here's a tease... Cheers!

1. About the brazilian punk scene

I have talked with friends from other cities and I know that there are so many bands
all over the country, many gigs, some zines and tons of great distros etc. But today
i’m not going to gigs etc... I’m fucking tired about this all, I’m sorry but i can’t talk
about a thing that myself am not doing (I can share that feeling sometimes/schizo)

The things today are many differents than the beginning of punk in Brazil when punks
was presecuted by police, punched and jailed and here was full of punk gangs fighting each others etc

2. About the brazilian society

in some place are really very dangerous but this is all a backdraft from an unjust society
they close the door to poor peoples then poor peoples have to learn how to survive in this stone jungle

3. List the 5 best bands from Sweden

1. Anti Cimex
2. The Shitlickers
3. Fear of war
4. Crude S.S
5. Bombanfall

(There's lot's of comments in the paperzine about why he like those bands)

4. Ok, it’s hard to get away from it but do you like football, any favourite team?

Hahahaha...absolutelly NO!!! I really don’t enjoy football. When I was a kid and my
friends was going to play football I was back to my home to read a cool comix or play atari.
I’m really adicted to comix since i was a little kid and Im a comix collector till today...

Thanx... Read the whole interview in the upcomming issue of Schizo Fanzine. I will let you
know when it's out. And it will be free. If you have any material, contact me first at schizodistro@hotmail.com


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