2009.06.05 Reviews

Here's a bunch of reviews, that also will be published in my paperzine.

Aktiv Dödshjälp - Allt hopp är ute. Cd-r (Halvfabrikat, 2:nd press)

This is the first recording ever by Aktiv Dödshjälp, and they really know who to express cynicsm. I must say that this is their best recording according to my opinion. I got vibes to bands like Irritation and then automatic to Skitsystem, but the sound is so raw and contain a lot of treble and distortion, something I like. That's the same with the vocals, wich make it even more raw. All songs are in swedish and you will find the lyrics in the sleeve. Read them and find out why you should commit suicide. 6 songs, 12 minutes for 25 KR, I promise it's really worth that. There's an intro before the first song but after that is not a single second wasted for some kind of drivel or boring parts. And... I even like the intro.

Aktiv Dödshjälp - En tid av smärta och förnedring, CD-r (Halvfabrikat)

This is a re-press of their second demo. It contains 5 songs with their classic lyrics AND music loaded with anxiety. Oh, sorry, there's 6 songs, but one of them seems to be a nonsense song. You will find out wich one of them when you buy this CD-r. Aktiv Dödshjälp present a new leadsinger on this recording, and that's nothing negative. I can just say that I really like the new singer as much as the old one. 6 songs, 9 minutes. That means short songs, wich I like, but I want more because this is fantastic. Don't buy this record if you are a happy person and want to stay happy or if you think that Joy Division are a depressive band, hahaha, Aktiv Dödshjälp will crush any other band who pretend to join their division of fury. This is first-class rawpunk mixed with some melodic but brutal metal.

Chaka - Democracy and death. Demo/Cd-r

My conscience get so bad when I have to write "not so good" things about bands that have good intentions. But honest use to be the best way everytime. Hey, I will not say that Chaka is a bad band but there's some elements I have to write about. First and foremost, the vocals sounds okey and raw in one song at a time, but this CD-r contains of 8 songs. So it's a bit boring after 2 songs. And the other thing that disturb me is the tempo. It's the same in almost every song, a bit slow. And the last thing is that it sounds very difuse when it's guitar solos, they should need a comp guitar at these moments, it's not enough with just a distortion bass. What's left? I like the songs when I listen at one or two songs occasionally. This Brazilian band needs some polishing, but this is just a demo (their second) and despite everything, this could be an old demo by old-school punkbands like Discharge, Disclose or GBH and that can not be classified as something bad.

Makabert Fynd, Flat Back records. 7"

This seven song 7” came straight from the press in Feb 2009. I got one of the first 30 copys with seven songs, I wish it was more because the playtime is just a bit over 7 minutes, that means very short songs and it's hard to get a general impression. The only bad thing is that all songs sounds a bit like eachother. But anyway, Makabert Fynd are a great band who mix early Us Hc like Minor Threat with Swedish käng. Fuck all those genres…it’s punk for me. The band are a constelation from two Swedish locations, Stockholm and Hudiksvall. I prefer Makabert Fynd live. Their gig in February in Stockholm at Kafe 44 was really nice and explosive. So, my general impression for this record will just be OK, but as I said, they are a fantastic live band.

Spritvev - Pommacs larm. D-takt & Råpunk Records. 7"

You will like or dislike this record. I like it and I like it much. 10 songs about booze, vomit, hate society and…even more drinking and vomits. It might be pubertal but as I said, I like it as long as it’s made for fun. The music is fast as hell, total chaos and I hope that my neigbours will be disturb. D-takt & Råpunk’s releases are among the best right now with Raw Hate and Warvictims for examples. If you like raw punk as hell without speed limits and don’t care about the lyrics (or don’t understand the lyrics) I think you will like Spritvev. So check it up now.

And here's an review I wrote for the italian fanzine Hate & Rage, and it's translated into italian, so if you know that language, here you are:

PASSIV DÖDSHJÄLP / LIVSTID split 7" (Halvfabrikat / Anarkopunxrecords)

In primo luogo, c’è una sorprendente opera d'arte in copertina con i punti tra la Svezia e la Norvegia. Sì, questo è uno split tra una band svedese e una norvegese. E iniziamo con la Svezia. I Passiv Dödshjälp, cazzo, sono brillanti. Amo i loro testi ed è brutto che non tutti riescano a capirli. Mi viene davvero da ridere alla canzone Storstadskomplex. Sia il testo che la musica sono fatti con diverse intenzioni dietro... Beh, questo è ciò che suppongo, dato che non è riferita a guerra e distruzione. Ma è ansiosa e grezza come l'inferno. Le loro 3 canzoni sono buone e dovrebbero funzionare in un full-lenght. I nostri vicini, la Norvegia. Perché sono famosi? Il loro petrolio e la loro scena black metal. I Livstid potrebbe essere influenzata dalla scena black metal. Prendete un po’ 'di grezzo black metal norvegese e mescolatelo con il grindcore svedese e avrete un sound unico - Livstid. Amo la voce, la sue urla ansiose sono superbe. Proprio come i Passiv Dödshjälp, I Livstid usano molto bene i loro strumenti. Ci sono molte chitarre forti nelle canzoni. Totale: 2 band, 2 paesi, 2 diversi tipi di punk brutale e posso trovare 2 cose comuni - l'ansia e la musica suonata bene. I Livstid hanno un sound norvegese e i Passiv Dödshjälp quello norvegese, anche se entrambi hanno un proprio sound. Mi congratulo con tutti coloro che hanno collaborato all’album. E devo fare un elogio a Halvfabrikat e Anarkopunxrecords che hanno rilasciato questo split 7”.



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