2008.05.19 Paperzine + Filthy Charity

Yes that's true. I will make a 20 pages paperzine and that will be able to download as a PDF-file. So you can print it out by yourself, but if you got an idea to print out and sell... don't take more than 5 kr in Sweden. If I hear that someone sell it for more than 5kr I will...

I'm feel sorry for everyone who think the cooperation between me and Google translation tool are a disaster, but I think I will use that shite sometimes, but I will probably write by myself for the most parts. I won't tell you anything of the contents right now. But except the reviews it will be some extra material in (haha, a new name) schizofrehn fanzine.

I hope to release the first issue in july. But as we know, all of us who have create fanzines before, it will probably be delay after delay... Ah, but 20 pages, that's a trifle.

So come one you punx, send me material, because now will you have the chance to appear on this site, Myspace and in the paperfanzine.

I have no chances to print up the fanzine, so if it is someone out there who wanna split with me, send a mail to me. I will write of all kind of punk. To celebrate this I will give you a video with some friends of mine in Marsielle, France. It is the swedish lovers in Filthy Charity with their song Neverending war

Filthy Charity on Myspace


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