2009.05.21 Gig + upcomming

Stockholm, Broder Tuck 22/5 - 09
Alright, bring your ass to Broder Tuck on Friday. Bands: Nödvärn, Lowlifes, Lost Boys. And bring money for the ultra new Nödvärn LP. Just the cover are worth the money. When I put up the reviews in the end of the month you will find that LP among the reviews.

It's too bad that there's two gigs at the same night in different places in Stockholm. The scene is too small for that but I hope it will be lot's of people at both gigs.

Comming up

* Distro-y distro/records will guess wich band I have decide to be the band of the month
* Besthöven
* Kjell Hell
* Disagreed Fanzine

[there's always a reason to check up schizo distro netzine]


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