2009.05.28 Schizofrehn Fanzine

Schizofrehn Fanzine

Right now will I spend my time with my paperzine - Schizofrehn Fanzine. I hope to release it in july. It will contains all kind of punk, as long as I like it or if it's an interesting band. And of corse, as long as it's belongs to the non-commercial scene. I do this for fun and because I like "our" scene.

* If you have something I can review
* If you want to have an ad in the fanzine (for free)
* If you wanna write something (like scenereports, info about your band or whatever you want)
* Or just wanna get in touch

Please send a mail to schizodistro@hotmail.com

Schizo distro Netzine

I will not update this site very regular, but so often I can. So don't stop visit the netzine because I will write about gigs (and you will tell me about gigs) I will write about all things that relevant to the scene. I hope you will help me, so I can update as often as possible. I will still publish interviews, news, reveiws (one time/month) etc.

get in touch - schizodistro@hotmail.com


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