2009.06.01 Sangre (band of the month . may)

Hey there. I will chose a band who will be the Band of the month of Schizo Distro Netzine
(upcomming: an interview with Mina from Disgreed Fanzine)

Band of the month (may): SANGRE from Holland
Sangre on Myspace

Hello Sangre, you are the best band on Myspace right now, and it's just for the people
to comply when I decide that. Please, introduce the band:

Thanx for being Band of the month. I think it's the first time this is happening to us. We are Sangre
and that's Cleverson and Nelis on guitar, Peter on the bass, Dirk on drums and Goska and me, Billi,
on vocals. We started in 2004 but after several line up changes we didn't do so much beside some
shows in Europe and released a 10"

You have lot's of great bands in the Netherlands, what do you think of the Dutch punk scene
if you compare to other countries you have played in?

There are defenitly great bands in Holland but there aren't hardly any people. Everybody has
2 or 3 bands, like the swedish and so it might look like something, believe me, when you live
here you sometimes feel disappointed. I believe it's going in waves and after some really high
peaks when I thought that could never happen again in Holland, are we now suddenly on
such a low level that I think now that we can't be sinking any deeper. We never play in Holland a
nymore and every band that's asking us to set up a show, we have to disappoint. There isn't
much at the moment going on in here. Great bands? Maybe because we played in so many
of them hahahahaha

And now in the end of (may) the month will you go in to the studio, how many songs
will you record? Will someone release them or what are you gonna do with the new songs?

It's the setlist with the new line up. We are gonna record a bunch of songs (something like
12 to 15 ors o) to release on Abuse recs from Brussels, Belgium.

What is your thoughts about the swedish scene?

I really want you to come here someday Well, my sweet man, we have done a Swedish
tour allready but that was so long ago that we could do it again. When are you gonna invite us?
I loved it to be in Sweden despite the weak beer and the lack of coffeeshops. I just don't get
how come all the punx live in all these clean houses with dried flowers in the kitchen on the
wall but still.... A nice country, cool music and a wonderfull language

And yeah, the future, what's your plans?

Do as much as possible we can do when it comes to releasing records and doing shows....
If you wanna add something just feel free to write what you want. After some problems with
the line up we have finally our shit together again and just wanna say to the people who have
been let down by us, Hey.... this won't happen again.

Thanx for the attention. xxX Billi

Thanx a lot, I really enjoy your songs on Myspace. And I hope that this interview will give you attention
because you are really worth it. Cheers!


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