2009.06.16 Burnt Cross Interview

Here is some parts of an interview with Burnt Cross that you'll be able to find in the first issue of Schizofrehn Fanzine. Burnt Cross from England is a great anarcho-punkband... or is it a band?

1. Hello Burnt Cross, you seem to be active both in the music scene and the political scene.
Are Burnt Cross a band or a project? And what's most important, the band or political activism?

Hi, well I’ll take the easy way out and say that they are important as each other, we both have been active on the political scene on and off for 20 years, we have been in many groups but I prefer just to turn up and not join groups anymore cos sometimes there are egos involved and opinions which don’t suit me so I dip in and out cos I don’t get as much time as I used to these days and Paul has 3 kids so cant always make actions, but we do our bit. Burnt Cross is something I had wanted to do for long time, we played in a band called “Active Response” 18 years ago which was similar to Burnt Cross and Paul and I wanted to put something down just for something to actually have on cd so were gonna do it in studio but I saw a cheap 8-tk and done 3 songs on it which was then put on myspace and we got a good response so released a free demo called “Reality of Sacrifice” and its gone on from there. I see Burnt Cross as a band and a project cos the lyrics are important to us

2. Since you just are two members (brothers) in the band can you please
introduce yourself and your thoughts about what punk is for you?

Rob Marriott-All music/recording
Paul Marriott- Vocals

[...] I like punk that is more than mohawks and music , to me someone who is chaining themselves to an arms factory has the spirit of punk in them, not someone who just wants to be drunk and obscene for the fashion of it, but hey each to their own i guess, punk is punk.

3. Your music is really fantastic, tell me about the songs and the lyrics

Well Paul writes about 70% of the lyrics and I like his style, It’s fairly in your face and to the point and the fact that you can hear what he is saying is something people seem to like [...] The lyrics are generally just about things that piss us off, its true that its all been said before (what hasn’t?) but it’s also true that they are more relevant now than ever and there are not many bands doing it in a way like the early days[...]  We have the usual suspects in our songs like politicians and cops but also some more personal pagan type ones and one about sexuality-directed at the bigots though of course :)

4. [...] What's your main influences when it comes to the music? You can do some traditional namedropping

[...] I would say that our influences range from the obvious like Conflict, Crass, Flux of Pink Indians etc to more underground bands who we used to get tapes of when I was a teenager, bands like The Apostles, Mans Hate, Statement, really DIY as you can get, also Cress were a big influence on me personally [...]

5. How is the spirit between all punx in England from different genres? "If the kids are united, they will never be divided" Is that just an utopia? (I hate all different genres, it can be a good thing when it comes to reviews but in general I want to call just everything punk or punkrock)

Yeah well I’m not into just punk and don’t see myself as a punk, well maybe in some respects but couldn’t care for genres and I don’t see much unity, its always been the case I think but some really great things come from the punk scene like community spaces, non-profit music, activism, trust etc and then some of it is just shit, so I cant just label myself as a punk cos I don’t like some aspects of it so yeah it is a bit of an utopian idea but some scenes I think pull it off even if you do get the arseholes in there who try to spoil it with childish behaviour, I think sometimes it is split with those who like drunk punk and those who like political punk. Me, I’d rather sit and have a joint in the forest and let them get on with it.

Thanx, that's all for now. Read the whole interview in Schizofrehn #1 that will be out soon
Check out Burnt Cross at: http://www.myspace.com/burntcross or contact Rob at: robmarriott72@yahoo.co.uk

2009.06.01 Sangre (band of the month . may)

Hey there. I will chose a band who will be the Band of the month of Schizo Distro Netzine
(upcomming: an interview with Mina from Disgreed Fanzine)

Band of the month (may): SANGRE from Holland
Sangre on Myspace

Hello Sangre, you are the best band on Myspace right now, and it's just for the people
to comply when I decide that. Please, introduce the band:

Thanx for being Band of the month. I think it's the first time this is happening to us. We are Sangre
and that's Cleverson and Nelis on guitar, Peter on the bass, Dirk on drums and Goska and me, Billi,
on vocals. We started in 2004 but after several line up changes we didn't do so much beside some
shows in Europe and released a 10"

You have lot's of great bands in the Netherlands, what do you think of the Dutch punk scene
if you compare to other countries you have played in?

There are defenitly great bands in Holland but there aren't hardly any people. Everybody has
2 or 3 bands, like the swedish and so it might look like something, believe me, when you live
here you sometimes feel disappointed. I believe it's going in waves and after some really high
peaks when I thought that could never happen again in Holland, are we now suddenly on
such a low level that I think now that we can't be sinking any deeper. We never play in Holland a
nymore and every band that's asking us to set up a show, we have to disappoint. There isn't
much at the moment going on in here. Great bands? Maybe because we played in so many
of them hahahahaha

And now in the end of (may) the month will you go in to the studio, how many songs
will you record? Will someone release them or what are you gonna do with the new songs?

It's the setlist with the new line up. We are gonna record a bunch of songs (something like
12 to 15 ors o) to release on Abuse recs from Brussels, Belgium.

What is your thoughts about the swedish scene?

I really want you to come here someday Well, my sweet man, we have done a Swedish
tour allready but that was so long ago that we could do it again. When are you gonna invite us?
I loved it to be in Sweden despite the weak beer and the lack of coffeeshops. I just don't get
how come all the punx live in all these clean houses with dried flowers in the kitchen on the
wall but still.... A nice country, cool music and a wonderfull language

And yeah, the future, what's your plans?

Do as much as possible we can do when it comes to releasing records and doing shows....
If you wanna add something just feel free to write what you want. After some problems with
the line up we have finally our shit together again and just wanna say to the people who have
been let down by us, Hey.... this won't happen again.

Thanx for the attention. xxX Billi

Thanx a lot, I really enjoy your songs on Myspace. And I hope that this interview will give you attention
because you are really worth it. Cheers!

2009.05.25 Besthöven interview

I have made an interview with the brazilian band Besthöven. What you can read here is just extracted from the whole interview that I will publish in my paper zine. So, here's a tease... Cheers!

1. About the brazilian punk scene

I have talked with friends from other cities and I know that there are so many bands
all over the country, many gigs, some zines and tons of great distros etc. But today
i’m not going to gigs etc... I’m fucking tired about this all, I’m sorry but i can’t talk
about a thing that myself am not doing (I can share that feeling sometimes/schizo)

The things today are many differents than the beginning of punk in Brazil when punks
was presecuted by police, punched and jailed and here was full of punk gangs fighting each others etc

2. About the brazilian society

in some place are really very dangerous but this is all a backdraft from an unjust society
they close the door to poor peoples then poor peoples have to learn how to survive in this stone jungle

3. List the 5 best bands from Sweden

1. Anti Cimex
2. The Shitlickers
3. Fear of war
4. Crude S.S
5. Bombanfall

(There's lot's of comments in the paperzine about why he like those bands)

4. Ok, it’s hard to get away from it but do you like football, any favourite team?

Hahahaha...absolutelly NO!!! I really don’t enjoy football. When I was a kid and my
friends was going to play football I was back to my home to read a cool comix or play atari.
I’m really adicted to comix since i was a little kid and Im a comix collector till today...

Thanx... Read the whole interview in the upcomming issue of Schizo Fanzine. I will let you
know when it's out. And it will be free. If you have any material, contact me first at schizodistro@hotmail.com

2009.05.24 Distro-Y

I have already decided wich will be the band of the month. Here's a short interview with Alex fromDistro-Y (Ireland). I have three nominated bands, will Alex come up with the correct guess? Let's see...

1. Tell me a short story about how and why you formed Distro-y
Ok ya I started the distro out of interest in thought of helping spread a bit of music through out Galway and the rest of Ireland it also started through my boredom. And now has got a tiny bit bigger and has been going just over a year and lots of releases on the way

2. What's your opinion about the irish punk scene?
Its great there are actually alot of great bands however many are not to well known. Also there isnt any real divisions within the punk scene However it is pretty small so any division would screw things up alot. This year has been a great one so far in Irish punk music and will only get better lots of foreign bands coming over and lots of Irish releases

3. Have you sometime been in a band?

Ya I played in a band for a while not a very good one but we played fast and loud which is all I cared about we have one real horrible recording on our myspace if you want to check it out http://www.myspace.com/derelictpunks we stopped playing over a year ago probably a good thing hahaha  (I really like that song / Schizo)

4. Wich split7" will be the best this year? And why?
I am really looking forward to Appilanchian Terror Unit/Oi Polloi split however I am not sure if it is going to defintly out this year great bands.

5. Add something if you want
Good luck with the netzine Micke you seem to be working very hard at it and I hope it all works out.
Cheers Alex Distro-y www.myspace.com/medistro

And to the band of the month, what will Alex think about Nödslakt, Sangre and Pipes & Pipes

Nödslakt - Swe sound pretty good however nothing against them I prefer Sangre out of the three

Sangre - Holland are my favourite out of three nice of energy and also nice and RAW which is just what I love

Pipes and Pints are really not my cup of tea and I will leave it at that

Hope this is all adequate for you.
Cheers Alex

Thank you very much / Micke-Schizo

2009.05.14 Project Hopeless Interview

(this interview is translated by google, and some editions by me so it might be strange or crazy at some parts)

Project Hopeless Interview

Since I've loved Ireland for so many years, and the fantastic swedish band Project Hopeless had a tour on the green island I felt that it was time for an interview. Project Hopeless have much to say and many opinions about everything. Tomorrow they will start their long US Tour. I hope you US-people will appreciate P.H, here's the interview. Maybe one of the best interview I've ever done.

1. What I wonder first of all, how was the tour in Ireland, it became much Guinness? What is the difference between the Irish punk scene and the Swedish? I think the Swedes have a great tendency to be lazy and really don't care about gigs etc. Always the same people behind it all. What is your opinion?

The tour, huh sick fun! Guinness was not too much of since we are vegans, and another that would be for all the consumption of the strange drink, it was the most affordable options. The differences between the Swedish and Irish scene are many, it's not so big there for the first and then in Belfast it was mixed with people that in Sweden should count like the come from different (punk)scenes. What you mention that the Swedish care that go to gigs may well have to do with it's much more gigs here, and also that there will be so much more bands on tour through our country than it is in Ireland . It was a really great feeling when it came to touring bands from outside the island of Ireland!

2. Did you by any answer to the conflicts in Ireland? Was there a difference for example in Belfast to Galway? You are a political band that says what you think, you have some thoughts regarding the conflict Northern Ireland-England / Ireland

What we noticed the conflict in Northern Ireland huh that very many more seemed to think it's just a destructive conflic. Many of those we met was born and raised with the conflict and think that it doesn't led somewhere and even in some cases could be expressed as a nationalist bull.

The difference between Belfast and Galway, I would say that the difference between Belfast from Galway was huge. One thing was that they didn't use irish words on the traffic signs in Belfast which in itself makes it a very clear difference in the feel of what really can last more than we can see that a band on tour in a country that is moderate shaking. Personally, I think it is sick that Northern Ireland still belongs to England and not for itself in the sense of occupation of the development time, which is directed like a lot more focus on what we should not be able to see, like on in the Middle East.

We got us a little short tourist view by Jonny, one of the organizers, who showed us the parts of Belfast where most of the clash usually took place, and to see the wall paintings with tributes to those who lost their life to his beliefs and fight for freedom was very difficult to accept. When we got down to the more affluent parts, with the great tribute to England and the freedom that England has given Northern Ireland was it difficult understand the situation.

Photos from Distro-Y

3. If you drove between the places by yourself, was it difficult with the left traffic? How did you felt about Ireland as a country with the nature, and the people outside the scene etc?

YES it's crazy the left traffic, but since we actually had a driver, which is a very nice person named Jon we didn't have to drive by ourself. But we have already been in England for a couple of times so we had no problems on the whole thing. But Ireland was actually the first time for us all so it felt crazy and fun. Nature in Ireland was really nice, at least what I could see from what we saw when we get between the cities. Had not much time to see the nature, due to the rain on each other day with sunshine and then a little rain. Unfortunately, we didn't have contact with too many people outside the "scene" but the people we met was really nice.

4. If we leave the emerald island Ireland, tell me what you have released so far? Sure, 7" is the best format? How can you be so brutal and angry, you live on the continent (Skåne), you are close to all that Europe offers, what are your views on the EU?

We was so focussed to been angry and tell the world about or thoughts so maybe we released too much and didn't really had control over everything. Any case, we have released a 7 "/ demo as the first, second release was 7" "Utsatt", third release a split 7 "with Offensive, the fourth was a part of the Antifa Benefit LP, the fifth release "Kalla jävla samhälle" an LP, the sixth was "Välkommen till vår sopfyllda fabrik" LP/CD, seventh release "Hit men inte längre utan skyddshjälm" is a discography CD 01-04, eighth release is a new 7" "Av hela mitt hjärta" which is out very soon, when it's sent from the printer on 11 th of may, it's free to download the songs from our website.

I can't really agree with your thoughts aboyt that 7" is the best format because it's so very expensive to release, add about 10 kr (1 euro) for each 7" to get a LP with a cover and the whole shit. About our angry and brutal sounds is probably that we have turned the anger against all things we hate, we have done, fortunately what we want, angry music and just have the human beeings in our mind. That we are close to the continent is actually really good! But we have no possibility to use it too often due to a variety of reasons, I would personally not go away too often from my daughter, then it must be of course also solve everything with school / job. To be on Punk tour is usually not the most profitable.

As current EU has been the fortress unfortunately put a hard hold on us all, what the current European Union according to a system that will guide so many countries on the basis of an elite who usually can not even govern their own countries are just so stupid. What European countries need is not a government from a central unit, it is rather an individual focus on their own problems and not on anything else that takes up their energy from what is really going to change at a more direct and concrete way.


5. There are rumors that Sika Äpärä are going to release their fifth issue. What do you think about Sika and all other fanzine that followed in their attitude? New Sika is obviously very neoliberal and celebrate global capitalism. In fact, I have not yet understand if Finnen are serious or just want to provoke. Do you think it's alright to joke about everything or are there limits?

As I understand, there already is a new number of Sika, think I read it on Sörlings blog (Yes a new Sika is on the way, I have talked to Finnen and he seems seriouse about the neoliberal thoughts / Schizo comment). People who want to assume that provoke others by write things in a fanzine to make groups of the punk scene upset, I usually do not understand. It is completely unbelievable that such creative people who manage to write zines and make other stuff, use their creativity to write things for a completely different purpose.

To these people interfere who other people behave in some ways is a different thing, then perhaps this would be lifted up in other ways. But this is just my opinion. To provoke a response to one or the other becomes a bit difficult to take for some who never been through it to be criticized, and then maybe even get to out of an attitude that is entered in this, makes it throughout the more controversial manner. (A google translation, I just want to put up this so I can't manage to translate everything by myself, I hope you understand / Schizo Comment) If Sika will be so neoliberal as you say is just sad, but it's so clear that many will be upset and say a lot of things. A choice that certainly considered safe and careful, I do not know.

As for jokes and limits I think you should act as you want to do and what you not want to do. There will always be people who will find that you do wrong, but if you not believe in what you do for your own part, so it will not be too much to fight for. Jokes can be different, but I do not believe that some things are a joke, then it can be interpreted as it wants. Racism? Sexism? Two brief points as an example to this.

Photo from from P.H Myspace

6. Thanks a lot for you taking your time for Schizo Distro Netzine, do you have any last words? You are going for a long tour in the US now, good luck there, show them motherfuckers how swedish anger sounds like! =) The word is free for you:

Thank you for taking the time for us. It will be crazy fun on the the U.S tour, it is with very mixed feelings we go there. We will remind that our new 7" is available on our website www.projecthopeless.tk texts and most of what you might want to know is there. Want to give an encouraging word and cheer to everybody thinking of doing things. Do just what you feel to do! As long as you believe in it, so is the strong will of creativity such an important part of creating changes. Do not be opressed, there will always be someone or something that wants us badly, take advantage of the last opportunities we have in this country. / Oskar - PH 09

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2009.05.13 Interview: M:40

M:40 Interview

Here's an interview with the great swedish band M:40, I think they are one of the best bands right now. So brutal and lot's of anxiety. I have translate this interview from swedish to english so watch out for some incorrect grammar and other stuff but...Here we go...

1. Hello, give us a presentation of the band. And what do you do except playing with M:40?

The band contains of Simon - Drums, Johan - Bass, Daniel - Guitar & Vocals and Sebben - Vocals. Apart from M:40 we have ordinary works. Simon and Daniel are employed on a big bakery. Johan are within the car industry. And Sebben have been affected by the crisis and are "between two works"

2. You'll soon go for a mini tour in Germany, any excpectations? You have done some tours before, which countries do you like most and what's the biggest difference against Sweden?

This tour will be really fun, it's almost two years since we played in Germany and it will be great to play this gigs with the nice people in End of all. It's just four gigs so it will be very intensive. Germany use to have a good scene. The Czech Republic was our favourite but then we visited Russia and that's probably the best country we've played in. The audience take an more active interest in the gigs outside Sweden, they don't take it for granted. It use to be good in Sweden too but sometimes it's too tired mood.

3. I have never read a bad review with you guys. Are you so angry for real or do you just have the sound people expect from a band within this brutal scene? How the hell can you be such a fantastic band? Tell me what people use to say about you?

Haha, it's always fun with good response. And we can just say thanks a lot. But the first review we got on our first demo was a disaster. But with all rights, that wasn't good. Our songs is not so complicated and we are probably angry for real.

4. What's your favourite bands?

Let's do some namedrop: Tragedy, Kylesa, Switchblade, Skitsystem, Cult of luna, End of all, The Knife, Fever Ray, Black Sabbath, Doomriders, Dillinger escape plan, Mastodon, Splitter.

5. Describe your hometown Lidköping, any good venues? And how much people is it on the gigs?

Lidköping is a quite small town with a number of inhabitants around 35.000. It can, with some luck, turn up maybe a few hundred at the gigs, but sometimes it can be maybe 10 persons so it's not total safe to put up gigs. The last year (2008) we put up some punk/hc gigs in our rehearsal local and that was often good, or it came enough people for not lose any money. There's some groups who arrange gigs then and then but not any particular locals. We had a rockbar who closed for not so long time ago. We have also a "youth house" where the arrangements not have been very good.

6. You are not lazy as a band, and release at least something every year. What's the difference between now and when your first record was released?

To compare our first record "Tomma ord är inte värda ett skit" with the last recording "Industrilandskap" + Our split with Sand Creek Massacre I must say that our sound have become darker, more aggressive and more tight. Maybe it was some more humour on the first record, maybe not fun as hell but it was different. We have still very fun but it wasn't that carefully as we try to be nowadays. We just played without any special ideas.

7. Are M:40 an etablished band yet so much people will visit your gigs. I think it's a big problem with Sweden that there's so much people who don't come to gigs with not so well known bands.

No we are not that big yet. And as you say are people a bit lazy and prefer to stay home to drink insted of visit gigs. Even when big bands play as well. Sad but true.

8. What's the deal between Hobo, Em Records and Halvfabrikat Records?

Some labels from different countries have been involved in our releases but it's more or less always Halvfabrikat who release our records. Hobo Rec have the studio in Jönköping where we have recorded all our stuff. Our first Cd was a DIY production and we came up with the name Em Records. It have been great to work with Danne (Halvfabrikat) and I suppose that we will continue in the future.

9. Who in the band get all the groupies and who take care of the technical stuff and who are most interested to get alcohol when you visit a new venue?

Since we don't play that kind of rockstar music I think I have to pass the first question. Johan "Mr. Elektroniker" can always arrange the technical stuff when it's problems. And we all drink with pleasure, that's the half thing with the whole gig, isn't it?

Okey, that was all for now. The band was going to get up early in the morning for their trip to Germany.

M:40 in Schizo Distro
M:40 - Industrilandskap. 7" - 30 kr
M:40 / Sand Creek Massacre, split 7" - 30 kr

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