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2009.06.26 Schizofrehn

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* Band of the month (June): Harrington Saints
* Info about Schizofrehn Fanzine #2
* A report from the last Fullersta festival

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2009.06.10 Schizofrehn Fanzine #1

Hey, here's the cover for schizofrehn fanzine #1

Schizofrehn Cover

2009.06.07 Machete Records

When I as usual looked around at Myspace I found a great punkband from USA, Dylan Shiv and the shanks, I sent a mail if it was possible to distribute them in Sweden/Europa. They direct me to their label Machete Records. I send them a mail and got great response. The label had really great bands, that's why I'm gonna introduce the label here and now.

Machete Records

I will copy and paste the infotext from their myspace

It all started in 1991 on an island called Puerto Rico. At the beginning it was only a hobby. I put out a demo from a band called, Sham Pain, then a demo from my band, Hijos De Nadie. In 1994, I got out of the scene for many years, that's when I met Dane Scharff. We decided to re-start where I left off all those years ago, and opened up Machete Records again. In 2008 we started a band called, Nothing To Lose, our debut album is coming out in May 2009 called, Todo Va A Acabar!. It is the first album put out on Machete Records in 15 years. We are currently working on a international compilation Of bands from Ruerto Rico The U.S.A. Mexico and Spain,( Historias De Ultratumba ), which will be out in Summer of 2009. After that we will be working with some other bands as the year progresses. Hopefully we will be able to put Puerto Rican bands on the map again. However we are not limiting ourselves to only Puerto Rican bands, so if you are any band that is interested in having us

Bands I like from Machete Records:

The No-No's
Dylan Shiv and the shanks
Silicona Valley

2009.06.06 Upcoming

Upcoming here at Schizo Distro Netzine.

* Parts from an interview with Mina from Disagreed Crustzine
* And some parts from the interview with british Burnt Cross
* More reviews
* I hope to get some respons from The Monacoheartattack

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micke - schizodistro

2009.05.18 More gigs

Stockholm, Snövit, 21/5 Bands: Besserbitch (girls can rock n roll...) + 2 more (Check the flyer)

Stockholm, Broder Tuck 22/5
. Bands: Nödvärn, Lowlifes, Lost boys.

Lowlifes Myspace
Nödvärn Myspace
Lost Boys

3 really great bands.

And don't miss Extinction of Mankind at Barrowlands new venue in Glasgow.
Date: 23 may. Other bands: Subhumans, Conflict and more...

_ _
Edit: The E.O.M gig. Besserbitch gig

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2009.05.18 On Myspace

Hey, you can find Schizodistro Netzine on Myspace now. I will update that site with gigs and other news. So send mail to me if you have any gigs or will going for at tour. Since I have a Music-registration it's possible to upload songs. Do you wanna join my playlist? schizodistro netzine on Myspace is just a extension of this site, so...visit them both, and be my friend on Myspace. Maybe you will be the band of the month :)


2009.05.12 Info and distro list

This is Schizo Distro Netzine, it will be a mix of english and swedish, all news about the distro will be in in english. This will be my pure blog about the music I love and the scene I like to support and be a part of - the punk scene. You will find interviews, reviews, bandinfo, gig reports and of course - all news of Schizofrehn Distro. Here's the myspace address: where you always will find the complete distro list. Just check the blog.

Contact me if:

* you wanna buy something from the distro
* you wanna send stuff for reviews
* you wanna tell me about gigs (all over the world)
* you wanna share some info about the punk scene
send a mail on myspace or -

Here's the complete distro list (2009.05.12) I have just a few copys or just one copy left of many of the items
- An offer to the last of may. Order 4 records and pick one more for free


Alouatta - Animal - 30 kr
Punk dirty guitar-garagerock from Stockholm.

Dissober - Outcasts of sobriety - 30 kr
Recorded 97, released 08. Great fucking kängpunk

From the ashes - Heading for dystopia - 30 kr
Grindcore from Sweden with a mix of metal, hardcore, punk

Kvoteringen - Dödens handslag - 30 kr
Really great music from this bands with just rockstars haha

M:40 - Industrilandskap - 30 kr
Darkness, hate and anxiety. Strong Skitsystem influences on clear vinyl

Personkrets 3:1 - Ruiner - 30 kr (NEW)
Their last release

Project Hopeless - Utsatt - 30 kr (NEW)
One of the best swedish bands right now

Raw Hate - Drunk as fuck existence - 30 kr (NEW)
Raw swedish punk as fuck. Back in stock

Shoy Squad - New age soma - 30 kr (NEW)
Great punk/hc from Germany

Skitslakt - Life sucks! - 30 kr (NEW)
Brutal hardcorepunk from Sweden. Back in stock

Sub Alert - What makes you go on - 20 kr
Great aggro hardcore fast and screaming song

Thurneman - Ep - 30 kr
interesting swedish band who mix swedish 90's punk with US 80's old school hardcore

Tolshock - The heritage of violence - 35 kr
Far away from peace & love. This is fast and filled with hate. Swedish kängpunk, great as hell. Swedish and english lyrics.

Warvictims - Dogs of war - 30 kr (NEW)
D-beat til death. Swedish käng

[SPLIT 7"]

Aktiv Dödshjälp / Slaktattack - 30 kr
Two swedish bands. Heavy brutal punk with deathmetal influences. Warning! This is not for kids

From the ashes / A den of robbers - 30 kr
Sweden vs. Belgium. Grindcore, punk, hardcore

Hathor / Mindblaster - Losers Unite (split) - 20 kr
Here's raw dirty rock n rollpunk by Hathor vs. Mindblaster playing hardcore and rawpunk

Hathor / K'E-K'E-M - Noise pollution, for your listening pleasure (split) - 20 kr

Sweden vs. Italy. Two bands who's playing great punkrocknroll. K'E-K'E-M with a Hellacopters song.

Livstid / Passiv Dödshjälp 30 Kr
Norway vs. Sweden. Is this a real word? -> hardcoreanxietydestructivepunk, so brilliant

M:40 / Sand creek massacre 30 Kr
So fucking brilliant split. Arrrgh... Sweden / Holland

Rajoitus / Abnorm 30 kr
Info will come soon

SMG / Archagathus - Trasgression / Who do you believe - 30 kr
Malaysia vs. Canada. Mad grindcore. Really cool.

SMG / Mass separation - 30 kr


A hardcore compilation - Den magiska cirkeln - 30 kr
A very intersting compilation who gave 7/10 Svartenbrandt, Thurneman, Bad Amputation, Instängd, Förmögenhet

We come in peace - More world, less bank part 2 - 30 kr
8 bands, 8 songs all exlusive for this record Protestera, Antatomi 71, Kuolema, Apologia, Personkrets 3:1, Ensam, Diskonto, 365 dagar av synd.

[CD...(Yes I have cd's too, but it's the 7" I love)]

77 - Skit i stan... - 40 kr
Well, this is my own project. It's all about everything around Hammarby. So if you support Bajen, get this Cd-r.

Distress / Wheel of dharma - 50 kr
This is so fucking powerful. Russian Distress deliver some very impressive hardcorepunk

Filthy Charity - Return to the bloody vein - 30 kr

Cd-r demo with 7 songs. Some grind, some metal. An interesting mix and a cheap price

Filthy Charity - Manes thecel phares - 50 kr
A great cd, 21 songs with great sound. It's really hard to describe their music with so many influences. Metal, punk, grind. I like it, so you have no choice, you will like it too. Cheap!

Human Waste - 30 kr 19 songs CD-r
Anger, fury, hate.

Milvains - 50 kr
Is this what they call screamo? Great and melodic though

Passiv Dödshjälp - 30 kr 8 songs CD-r
Anxietycrust with black metal and hardcore influences. Fantastic. "Cd sucks shit, vinyl is for the rich fuckers, Cd-r is the future" [schizodistro comment: stay rich, you fuckers! Because, who care about the future??? But buy all formats anyway haha]

Pipes and Pints - Punkrock with highland bagpipes - 40 kr

This is gold! I don't use to like the mix between punk and bagpipes or irish influenced punk. But Pipes & Pipes are a bit different, they are a great punkband and they use their bagpipes in right moments. Read my review (in swedish) with this Czech Republic band.

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