2009.05.30 Yesterday at Fullersta

Here's a gig report, or an attempt. Im fucking tired after driving Irritation back to Sala. I came to Fullersta pretty early, it was just the bands there. Hey ho - took care of my distro. I set up on a table and after that would Irritation use a space and let me handle their distro. Peace! Then came Rob/RBD and wanted some space, but guess what, we made it. And later on, the english band Constant State of Terror wanted to set up their stuff and distro, so they bring one more table

Camden Market - No way. Fullersta 090529

First up to bring noise was Irritation, me and all I chat with thougt it was their best gig ever. It was something in the atmosphere, Oh I like them as hell. Constant State of Terror was so heavy, and I couldn't stand stil for a moment. It was really great. The last band Raised By Drunk hade some technical problems but when everything was back in normal, it was cool as hell, first time I saw them live. Lot's of idéas and everything from basic punkrock to brutal grind. I still looking forward to their split with Link


We decided to leave Fullersta after RBD and some sober talking with people and friends, I was going to drive the Punk-Volvo up to Sala and it went good except when Dennis shouted "I must baaarf"
On out way home we met Chris Bombstrike, who joined us to Sala. He gave me some news, I will publish them here soon.

More pictures from the gig at: http://www.myspace.com/schizodistro

2009.05.18 Gig in Flempan/Stockholm

This gig will be fucking mighty. Schizodistro will be there, so fill up your wallets :)

2009.05.17 Gigs

23/5 Fullersta - Sisters in punk. Bands: Khataringa and Beat up betty. [maybe will be there with my distro]
21-23/5 Luleå - Lulefest. Punkpartaj i Luleå. Bands: Passiv dödshjälp, Dispose, Brutopia, Kranium etc. etc...

2009.05.15 Upcomming gigs


15/5 Sala
, Täljstenen. Bands: Irritation, Fort Law etc. 30 kr. Open up 19.00 [distro]
21/5 Uppsala, Ungdomens Hus. Bands: The Bristles, The Lowlifes, Prins Carl 30/60 kr 18.00
22/5 Fullersta. Bands: Dead Weight, Glöm Dä! The Part Timers, Gang Control 50 kr 19.00 [distro]
29/5 Fullersta. Bands: Irritation, Raised By Drunk, Constant State of Terror (UK) [distro]

[distro] = Schizofrehn Distro will be there and maybe other distros too.

13-14 Dampf, Ungdomens Hus, Fredericia
. Visions of the end. DIY Festival.
Bands: M:40,  Under al kritik, Beton, Crowpath, Mörkhimmel and more... 70 D-kr / Day
Bring your skateboard, tent, distro, and they got Vegan food.

Czech Republic

Pipes and Pints are on the road all the time, check out http://www.myspace.com/pipesandpints



2009.05.14 Pipes and Pints Scandi-tour 2009

(If you are gonna tour or having a gig, send me a mail and I will put it up here, schizodistro@hotmail.com)

Pipes and Pints are coming to Scandinavia in October 2009 for a tour. Here's the tour plan. I'm helping them with gigs and we really need help. Take a look. Send me a mail if you can help Pipes and Pints with gigs - schizodistro@hotmail.com

Pipes and Pints on Myspace

1 okt - Denmark / Copenhagen (not confirmed yet)
2 okt - Denmark/Sweden - Help needed
3 okt - Sweden / Gothenburg - Henriksberg (confirmed)
4 okt - Norway / Oslo - Help needed
5 okt - Sweden - Help needed
6 okt - Sweden - Help needed (Stockholm, Uppsala, Västerås)
7 okt - Finland
8 okt - Finland
9 okt - Finland
10 okt - Finland
11 okt  - Finland / Sweden - Help needed
12 okt - Sweden - Help needed
13 okt - Sweden / Denmark / Germany - Help needed
14 okt - Denmark / Poland / Germany - Help needed

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