2009.06.07 Machete Records

When I as usual looked around at Myspace I found a great punkband from USA, Dylan Shiv and the shanks, I sent a mail if it was possible to distribute them in Sweden/Europa. They direct me to their label Machete Records. I send them a mail and got great response. The label had really great bands, that's why I'm gonna introduce the label here and now.

Machete Recordshttp://www.myspace.com/macheterecords09

I will copy and paste the infotext from their myspace

It all started in 1991 on an island called Puerto Rico. At the beginning it was only a hobby. I put out a demo from a band called, Sham Pain, then a demo from my band, Hijos De Nadie. In 1994, I got out of the scene for many years, that's when I met Dane Scharff. We decided to re-start where I left off all those years ago, and opened up Machete Records again. In 2008 we started a band called, Nothing To Lose, our debut album is coming out in May 2009 called, Todo Va A Acabar!. It is the first album put out on Machete Records in 15 years. We are currently working on a international compilation Of bands from Ruerto Rico The U.S.A. Mexico and Spain,( Historias De Ultratumba ), which will be out in Summer of 2009. After that we will be working with some other bands as the year progresses. Hopefully we will be able to put Puerto Rican bands on the map again. However we are not limiting ourselves to only Puerto Rican bands, so if you are any band that is interested in having us

Bands I like from Machete Records:

The No-No's
Dylan Shiv and the shanks
Silicona Valley


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