2009.05.12 Info and distro list

This is Schizo Distro Netzine, it will be a mix of english and swedish, all news about the distro will be in in english. This will be my pure blog about the music I love and the scene I like to support and be a part of - the punk scene. You will find interviews, reviews, bandinfo, gig reports and of course - all news of Schizofrehn Distro. Here's the myspace address: http://www.myspace.com/schizodistro where you always will find the complete distro list. Just check the blog.

Contact me if:

* you wanna buy something from the distro
* you wanna send stuff for reviews
* you wanna tell me about gigs (all over the world)
* you wanna share some info about the punk scene
send a mail on myspace or - schizodistro@hotmail.com

Here's the complete distro list (2009.05.12) I have just a few copys or just one copy left of many of the items
- An offer to the last of may. Order 4 records and pick one more for free


Alouatta - Animal - 30 kr
Punk dirty guitar-garagerock from Stockholm.

Dissober - Outcasts of sobriety - 30 kr
Recorded 97, released 08. Great fucking kängpunk

From the ashes - Heading for dystopia - 30 kr
Grindcore from Sweden with a mix of metal, hardcore, punk

Kvoteringen - Dödens handslag - 30 kr
Really great music from this bands with just rockstars haha

M:40 - Industrilandskap - 30 kr
Darkness, hate and anxiety. Strong Skitsystem influences on clear vinyl

Personkrets 3:1 - Ruiner - 30 kr (NEW)
Their last release

Project Hopeless - Utsatt - 30 kr (NEW)
One of the best swedish bands right now

Raw Hate - Drunk as fuck existence - 30 kr (NEW)
Raw swedish punk as fuck. Back in stock

Shoy Squad - New age soma - 30 kr (NEW)
Great punk/hc from Germany

Skitslakt - Life sucks! - 30 kr (NEW)
Brutal hardcorepunk from Sweden. Back in stock

Sub Alert - What makes you go on - 20 kr
Great aggro hardcore fast and screaming song

Thurneman - Ep - 30 kr
interesting swedish band who mix swedish 90's punk with US 80's old school hardcore

Tolshock - The heritage of violence - 35 kr
Far away from peace & love. This is fast and filled with hate. Swedish kängpunk, great as hell. Swedish and english lyrics.

Warvictims - Dogs of war - 30 kr (NEW)
D-beat til death. Swedish käng

[SPLIT 7"]

Aktiv Dödshjälp / Slaktattack - 30 kr
Two swedish bands. Heavy brutal punk with deathmetal influences. Warning! This is not for kids

From the ashes / A den of robbers - 30 kr
Sweden vs. Belgium. Grindcore, punk, hardcore

Hathor / Mindblaster - Losers Unite (split) - 20 kr
Here's raw dirty rock n rollpunk by Hathor vs. Mindblaster playing hardcore and rawpunk

Hathor / K'E-K'E-M - Noise pollution, for your listening pleasure (split) - 20 kr

Sweden vs. Italy. Two bands who's playing great punkrocknroll. K'E-K'E-M with a Hellacopters song.

Livstid / Passiv Dödshjälp 30 Kr
Norway vs. Sweden. Is this a real word? -> hardcoreanxietydestructivepunk, so brilliant

M:40 / Sand creek massacre 30 Kr
So fucking brilliant split. Arrrgh... Sweden / Holland

Rajoitus / Abnorm 30 kr
Info will come soon

SMG / Archagathus - Trasgression / Who do you believe - 30 kr
Malaysia vs. Canada. Mad grindcore. Really cool.

SMG / Mass separation - 30 kr


A hardcore compilation - Den magiska cirkeln - 30 kr
A very intersting compilation who www.lukinzine.com gave 7/10 Svartenbrandt, Thurneman, Bad Amputation, Instängd, Förmögenhet

We come in peace - More world, less bank part 2 - 30 kr
8 bands, 8 songs all exlusive for this record Protestera, Antatomi 71, Kuolema, Apologia, Personkrets 3:1, Ensam, Diskonto, 365 dagar av synd.

[CD...(Yes I have cd's too, but it's the 7" I love)]

77 - Skit i stan... - 40 kr
Well, this is my own project. It's all about everything around Hammarby. So if you support Bajen, get this Cd-r. www.myspace.com/sjuttisju

Distress / Wheel of dharma - 50 kr
This is so fucking powerful. Russian Distress deliver some very impressive hardcorepunk

Filthy Charity - Return to the bloody vein - 30 kr

Cd-r demo with 7 songs. Some grind, some metal. An interesting mix and a cheap price

Filthy Charity - Manes thecel phares - 50 kr
A great cd, 21 songs with great sound. It's really hard to describe their music with so many influences. Metal, punk, grind. I like it, so you have no choice, you will like it too. Cheap!

Human Waste - 30 kr 19 songs CD-r
Anger, fury, hate.

Milvains - 50 kr
Is this what they call screamo? Great and melodic though

Passiv Dödshjälp - 30 kr 8 songs CD-r
Anxietycrust with black metal and hardcore influences. Fantastic. "Cd sucks shit, vinyl is for the rich fuckers, Cd-r is the future" [schizodistro comment: stay rich, you fuckers! Because, who care about the future??? But buy all formats anyway haha]

Pipes and Pints - Punkrock with highland bagpipes - 40 kr

This is gold! I don't use to like the mix between punk and bagpipes or irish influenced punk. But Pipes & Pipes are a bit different, they are a great punkband and they use their bagpipes in right moments. Read my review (in swedish) with this Czech Republic band.


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