2009.05.24 Distro-Y

I have already decided wich will be the band of the month. Here's a short interview with Alex fromDistro-Y (Ireland). I have three nominated bands, will Alex come up with the correct guess? Let's see...

1. Tell me a short story about how and why you formed Distro-y
Ok ya I started the distro out of interest in thought of helping spread a bit of music through out Galway and the rest of Ireland it also started through my boredom. And now has got a tiny bit bigger and has been going just over a year and lots of releases on the way

2. What's your opinion about the irish punk scene?
Its great there are actually alot of great bands however many are not to well known. Also there isnt any real divisions within the punk scene However it is pretty small so any division would screw things up alot. This year has been a great one so far in Irish punk music and will only get better lots of foreign bands coming over and lots of Irish releases

3. Have you sometime been in a band?

Ya I played in a band for a while not a very good one but we played fast and loud which is all I cared about we have one real horrible recording on our myspace if you want to check it out http://www.myspace.com/derelictpunks we stopped playing over a year ago probably a good thing hahaha  (I really like that song / Schizo)

4. Wich split7" will be the best this year? And why?
I am really looking forward to Appilanchian Terror Unit/Oi Polloi split however I am not sure if it is going to defintly out this year great bands.

5. Add something if you want
Good luck with the netzine Micke you seem to be working very hard at it and I hope it all works out.
Cheers Alex Distro-y www.myspace.com/medistro

And to the band of the month, what will Alex think about Nödslakt, Sangre and Pipes & Pipes

Nödslakt - Swe sound pretty good however nothing against them I prefer Sangre out of the three

Sangre - Holland are my favourite out of three nice of energy and also nice and RAW which is just what I love

Pipes and Pints are really not my cup of tea and I will leave it at that

Hope this is all adequate for you.
Cheers Alex

Thank you very much / Micke-Schizo


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